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Sunday, February 22, 2015: 19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception

On Sunday evening after the plenary talks, EWCPS 2015’s participants and exhibitors come together to celebrate the beginning of the European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry.
The welcome reception is held in lecture hall buildings Chemistry and Physics, where drinks and food are served. 

(drinks and snacks will be offered free of charge for all participants)


Monday, February 23, 2015: 20:00-24:00 Conference Dinner at a special place: Münster Zoo

On Monday evening, the conference dinner  takes place at Münster Zoo, which is located  pretty close to lake Aasee and presently being  home for more than 3,100 animals. Münster  Zoo, opened in 1974, is famous for being an  „allweather  zoo“, which means that enclosures  are connected by canopied ways. Thus,  visitors can walk for more than 1 km even  when it is raining. Furthermore, on rainy days  the zoo‘s inhabitants, from ara birds to zebras,  may return into their houses where they can  be watched by the visitors. Each year, around  one million people from Germany and from neighbouring countries come to visit Münster  Zoo. On today‘s evening, the zoo is exclusively opened for EWCPS 2015‘s conferees. Enjoy  to walk around, to enjoy the aquarium, to feed the elephants, to fondle a snake, or just to  take the opportunity to take part in one of the guided tours led by Münster Zoo staff. For  those who need a rest, there are many places to sit down in different areas. Food and drinks  are served at different locations in the zoo; a map provided to the conferees at the entrance  will guide you to the restaurant and catering stations. Or just follow the illuminated paths to  meet other EWCPS 2015 participants – close to the elephants, in the aquarium or in the  horse museum....  Free bus transportation (included in your conference dinner ticket) from the conference  venue to Münster Zoo starts at 18.45.  Free bus transportation (included in your conference dinner ticket) from Münster Zoo to  Münster main station (via Münster city centre) at: 22.30, 23.15, 23.30, 23.45 and 00.15.  Booking required. Please take your conference dinner ticket with you.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015: 18:00-19:00 Guided City Tour

After the last talk will have been finished, buses will take you from the conference venue to  the city centre. Looking back to a history of more than 1200 years, Münster is full of historic  buildings and places. A guided city tour (one hour) will lead you to Münster’s most famous  attractions, e.g. the town hall where sections of the Treaty  of Westphalia were negotiated or Münster cathedral  which, in its present form, was built 750 years ago.  At 19.00, many sponsors and exhibitors are looking forward  to welcoming you at their evening events taking place  in and close to the city centre.  Please note that there will be no bus transportation back to  the conference venue after the end of the guided city tour.  Bus transfer and guided city tour are free of charge. 

Sponsor Evening Events

The Hot Plasma Party is heavily supported by our sponsor:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015: 20:00-??:?? Hot Plasma Party at Café Uferlos

EWCPS 2015‘s scientific committee and the local organizers are glad to celebrate the last  evening of our conference together with all of you at the traditional Hot Plasma Party. We  shall have a selection of delicious food and drinks at the buffet and at the bar at Café Uferlos,  which is situated pretty close to lake Aasee, a famous place of recreation in the very heart  of Münster. From the Café’s terrace you have a marvellous view of the lake. The evening is  accompanied by “Tiffany Club” playing live music not only during the buffet. So, do not miss  this evening, and enjoy the buffet, the music as well as discussions and talks with colleagues  and friends from all over the world.  Free bus transportation (included in your Hot Plasma Party ticket) from the conference venue  to Café Uferlos starts at 19.00. As Café Uferlos is close to the city centre, no bus transportation  is provided at the end of the party.  Booking required. Please take your Hot Plasma Party ticket with you.

Thursday, February 26, 2015: 13:00-14:30: Farewell Reception

At the end of a successful Conference, it is time to gather again in lecture hall building chemistry  to have some farewell drinks and to make final appointments with colleagues from all  over the world to start up a research project or for a visit. Finally, you are invited to enjoy, at  least for the last time in this week, some Westphalian food to brace you for your trip home.  The farewell reception is free of charge.   

Dear participants !

We thank you for your participation during the EWCPS 2015.

You helped to make this event very successful: More than 700 participants from 45 countries contributed to the success by their poster presentation, oral presentation, exhibition or by the lively discussion with colleagues.

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