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We have observed some problems that have hindered some authors to submit their abstracts.

Javascript is required for entering your data into the abstract forms. If you disable Javascript either completely or for our web site, abstract submission cannot work ! (Please understand that an installed Java does not mean that you have allowed for Javascript execution within your browser! Some  people have special Javascript blockers such as Noscript installed that must be deactivated at least for our conference web site !)

Internet Explorer 9
The Internet Explorer 9 is deviating from HTML standards and does not correctly execute the Javascript. This browser cannot be used (we are working on this problem, but cannot guarantee that we will succeed in time).

If you are using a hotmail account for communication, you might not receive the activation mail from our server. Hotmail is not accepting our mails (we do not know why !). As a result you cannot use a hotmail account for registration !

HTTPS Certificate
While we do have a valid security certification some Android tablets and smart phones do not accept our security certificate for https secured communication. You have to manually accept the certificate, otherwise Javascript might not work.

Missing activation
After creating an account, the server will send a mail to the given email address asking the owner for activation. In case that the activation code is not send back correctly, the account will not be activated and does not allow for any further editing. Some authors fail to activate their account by simply sending back only part of the activation code. Please make sure that the complete code is sent back even when your email program has cut the code in two parts because of small window width.

SPAM Blockers
Some mailboxes are secured by SPAM Blockers that require human interaction that cannot be performed by our mail server. Those accounts will not receive mails from us and therefore cannot activate their account on the EDWCPS server. In case that you did not receive any confirming mails please contact us !

Other reasons
In case that you have difficulties in submitting your abstract please contact us at info@ewcps2015.org

Dear participants !

We thank you for your participation during the EWCPS 2015.

You helped to make this event very successful: More than 700 participants from 45 countries contributed to the success by their poster presentation, oral presentation, exhibition or by the lively discussion with colleagues.

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